Business Park

Business Park Concept

Airport City Belgrade is not a group of buildings housing offices; Airport City redefines the way businesses work. At Airport City Belgrade "work has new meaning", with state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse range of business services/amenities servicing its tenants’ every need. Businesses housed at Airport City Belgrade will experience a new environment composing increased flexibility, a convenient location and amenities, giving... the work a new meaning


Airport City is planning to develop the biggest real estate project in Serbia, covering approx. 200,000m2 of commercial space in 14 office buildings. Airport City Belgrade will be a self-contained community and a major business hub, creating a new business platform that allows your staff and management to share a common goal - achieving success.

Airport City will provide the most appropriate positioning for your company- you are part of a group comprising more than 110 world-renowned companies doing business within the first Business Park in Serbia.



Your company will enjoy first class services within the "smart" building (fully computerized Building Management System). 24\7 security system and personnel, carried out to ensure safety and peace-of-mind for employees and visitors. The whole area of Airport City business park is covered by CCTV cameras, while access to parking and buildings is constantly controlled.

Property Management

As a potential tenant of Airport City Belgrade, your company will enjoy the full support of our professional Property Management Company, which will work non-stop to ensure the proper functioning of the building and its systems, as well as providing all other additional services upon request. The property management team is located on site and reacts to all tenant requests.

Office space fixtures and fittings

One of the outstanding benefits offered by Airport City Belgrade are the standard fittings and fixtures of the office space, which are fully covered by the investor without changing the rent conditions. Airport City Belgrade remains at your disposal to provide the full array of standard fittings, as well as being able to offer professional advice regarding the design of your office space.