General Contact Information

If You wish to visit us in our offices, we are located on the following address:

88-90, Omladinskih brigada street, New Belgrade 11070, Serbia

If you prefer to contact us over the telephone, please use the following number:

+381 11 2090 525

Alternatively, if you prefer electronic communication, you can reach us via the following email address:

What Is Airport City Belgrade

Airport City Belgrade is the first multi-use commercial facility in Serbia that merges the latest in building technology, together with a tenant-focused approach.

It is more than just a group of stand-alone office buildings; it is the country's first Business Park, offering its tenants the concept of a "City within a City".
For those businesses that prefer their own space, Airport City Belgrade offers tailored buildings for businesses that want to be part of this exclusive community and need the flexibility and detail that only a custom built building can offer.

Upon completion, Airport City Belgrade will cover approx. 200,000 square metres of office and tenant-friendly retail space. Your new office will be located in much more than a nice building: it will be situated where top businesses work alongside one another.